It’s All Too Much

Bills due, family stress, work deadlines, disturbing news. Too many places to be. Too many demands on our time. All these things piled up in our minds, the fear of everything toppling… it can lead to an anxious mind.

Anxiety is very real, and it can get in the way of our relationships, slow down our work or home performance, and rob us of our peace and possibilities for our future. We all experience, or will experience, anxiety. But we don’t have to be dominated by it.

We invite you to join us for a new series to better understand what feeds our anxiety and how we can use God-given tools to respond to it. Come experience genuine community in a warm, welcoming environment, and discover how to overcome the anxious mind.


The Anxious Mind is a 7-part message series:

The Anxious Mind, Part I: Understand What Fuels it

April 16  |  Fueled by Circumstances
April 23  |  Fueled by Stress
April 30  |  Fueled by Personal Pain

The Anxious Mind, Part II: Respond with What Calms It

May 14 | A Mental Response
May 21 | A Spiritual Response
May 28 | A Faith Response


Reading Plan

Go deeper by participating in a Bible Reading Plan on the topic of anxiety! Download The Bible App (YouVersion), and search for one of these Bible Reading Plans.

In this devotional, Skip Heitzig addresses the nature and causes of anxiety and how you can lean into God for a security system that will help you understand and overcome anxiety. This is a 7-day reading plan.

We face fear in all sorts of ways: fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of pain. This devotional looks at ways of overcoming fear by finding peace and comfort in God’s promises. This is a 30-day reading plan.


It’s hard to combat anxiety without community! Here are a few ways you can get connected at New Hope.

Hope Groups

A community you can lean on during times of stress or difficulty is important. At New Hope, our Hope Groups are relationship-based communities that offer focused Bible study and on-going support as you face life together. Get Connected

Unsure about joining a Hope Group? We have an Intro to Hope Groups class that will help you better understand what Hope Groups are all about. Attenders can “test out” a Hope Group while finding community and developing spiritual habits. The first Intro to Hope Groups class begins April 16 at 9:30 am in Education Building (EDU) 203. Sign up to Attend

Grill & Chill

Guys, join us as we grill, chill and refill! This is a time to relax and hang out, enjoy hearty food, and be strengthened by friends, worship and a word of encouragement from a guest speaker. This night of dinner and hangs is for all the men in our community — invite the dudes you know! Upcoming Grill & Chill


Ladies, are you in need of rest, friendship and encouragement? Woven is a night away from home, away from church, at a community location where we will enjoy food, catch up with friends (or make some new ones), and enjoy worship and a guest speaker. Upcoming Woven

Care Ministry

Maybe you’re in a place where you feel alone and hurting. We have a community of care partners who want to walk with and encourage you during your difficult time. Read More

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