How it Works

Our heart is to serve, comfort and encourage men, women and families fighting cancer with practical support and spiritual care.

While it involves prayer, counsel, visits and assistance, it is centered on bringing God’s hope to patients and their caregivers, family and friends. This requires an understanding of the impact of cancer, how people react to it and how God has called His people to respond. Above all, it requires us to have within ourselves an unfeigned hope that we can take to those in need.

According to the American Cancer Society, over 12 million people in the United States are living with or have been personally diagnosed with cancer. Every year, 1.5 million more people receive a cancer diagnosis. New Hope has trained volunteers, through a Bible-based ministry training program from Cancer Centers of America, who are equipped with the tools needed to bring hope to those who are living with cancer.

If you know someone who has Cancer or is a Caregiver to a Cancer patient in our community who needs some encouragement, please contact

Who Are Cancer Care Ministers?

  • A member of New Hope Baptist Church with over 25 hours of training through Our Journey of Hope Program
  • Someone commissioned to walk beside a cancer patient or a cancer patient’s caregiver faithfully and confidentially
  • A Christian individual committed to give emotional and spiritual support to a cancer patient or their caregiver or family
  • A supporter to provide hope to an individual, as long as needed, through prayer, encouragement, friendship, conversations and commitment

How a Cancer Care Minister Can Help

  • Link arms and walk with a person through their journey as long as needed
  • Give support for the burdens cancer brings, mentally and spiritually
  • Help work through the assaults on the spirit and mind which attacks hope
  • Help them experience God’s love in their circumstances
  • Be part of a community for them so they don’t feel abandoned, but treated as everyone else
  • Provide Local resource to help while battling this disease
  • Help and support caregivers and family members, giving encouragement and assistance, prayers and chores
  • Give time, effort, energy and love to those who are hurting
  • Offer emotional support for the patient dealing with feelings of loss; independence, security, hope for the future, identity, meaning, and others
  • Hospital visitations if requested
  • Scripture reading if desired
  • Creative care: crafts, games, activities, puzzles, new skills, plants, manicure, others
  • Send cards, take flowers, bring a surprise basket
  • Help preserve dignity
  • Resources through our Journey of Hope; devotionals, treatment possibilities, financial sources, online resources for patients and caregiversHelp through grief
New Hope First Baptist Church
New Hope First Baptist Church