Can the Bible be Trusted?


Christian believers base a lot on the Bible being the trustworthy and authentic source of truth. So every believer should ask the question, “Can the Bible be trusted?” For some, this unanswered question is a barrier to genuine faith in Christ. Let’s dig into this. First, let’s consider what the Bible itself claims, and

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Does God Really Care About My Life?


It is one thing to conclude that there is a Creator of all life. But it is quite another to determine if this Creator continues to care for His creation. Or did He simply create and then leave us on our own? Does God really care about my life? That’s a big question. To

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Is There a Creator?


When it comes to choosing a life with faith in God, there are questions. Big questions. Some of us want to believe, but there are things we are aren’t settled on. One normal, big picture question is: Is there a Creator? It is a normal, logical question. The Bible tells followers of Jesus that

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Seeing Who Jesus Is


"What are you going to do with Jesus?" That's a question we discussed this past Sunday. Because whether you believe in Jesus or not, you will still make a decision about Him. For those who believe in Jesus, do you see and follow Jesus for Who He actually is? Or have you created some "lesser

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When Jesus Meets You Where You Are


Two were brothers. The other two were friends and business partners in a fishing business on the Sea of Galilee. Their names were Simon Peter, his brother Andrew and their business partners, James and John. These four men’s lives were radically altered when they met and got to know Jesus. So what happened? These four

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Balance Through Simplifying


Dr. Richard Swenson, a medical doctor, has over the years seen a lot of patients suffering the consequences of having little or no margin in life. He wrote the following: “If overload is sabotaging our equilibrium, simplicity can help. If we find ourselves being detailed to death, simplicity can restore life. If we find ourselves

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What is God Like?


It is an intellectual stretch to conclude that life, that creation, just came into existence without the hand of a Creator behind it. So if there is a God, a Creator of all life, what is God like? Some have concluded that God is a rule maker, and when you don't follow the rules, He

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The God of Second Chances


We have all needed a second chance. Maybe it was from your spouse, your kids, a friend or even God Himself. Unless you have arrived at perfection, we all need second chances. We all need grace. We find good news in Deuteronomy chapter 30, that God is a God of second chances. This truth frees

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