Does Science Contradict Faith?


Does scientific discovery contradict faith? The answer depends on what faith you are talking about. When you take a close look at what the Bible states and the historic and scientific evidence, we find that Biblically-based faith and science are not at odds. In truth, they complement one another. Let’s look at two things

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Seeing Who Jesus Is


"What are you going to do with Jesus?" That's a question we discussed this past Sunday. Because whether you believe in Jesus or not, you will still make a decision about Him. For those who believe in Jesus, do you see and follow Jesus for Who He actually is? Or have you created some "lesser

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Balance Through Simplifying


Dr. Richard Swenson, a medical doctor, has over the years seen a lot of patients suffering the consequences of having little or no margin in life. He wrote the following: “If overload is sabotaging our equilibrium, simplicity can help. If we find ourselves being detailed to death, simplicity can restore life. If we find ourselves

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Margin With Your Finances


According to all sorts of studies, the average American home has little or no financial margin. For example, 78% of our culture lives from pay check to pay check --- no margin. 7 out of 10 homes do not budget consistently, so there is no real effort to establish financial margin. 66% of the families

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The Problem With No Margins


The 1990 Chicago Bears had an interesting tradition between the huge defensive linemen and the smaller defensive backs. If the defensive linemen could catch the smaller and quicker backs (which was rare), they would pile up, with the smaller defensive back underneath the heavy pile of massive humanity. David Tate, a 180 pound defensive back

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The Value of Discernment


For 35 years, the Motion Picture Production Code served as a moral guideline for American filmmakers (according to writer, Cal Thomas). The code, which the filmmakers were required to adhere, included this paragraph: “No picture shall be produced which will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience

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