Can the Bible be Trusted?


Christian believers base a lot on the Bible being the trustworthy and authentic source of truth. So every believer should ask the question, “Can the Bible be trusted?” For some, this unanswered question is a barrier to genuine faith in Christ. Let’s dig into this. First, let’s consider what the Bible itself claims, and

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Does God Really Care About My Life?


It is one thing to conclude that there is a Creator of all life. But it is quite another to determine if this Creator continues to care for His creation. Or did He simply create and then leave us on our own? Does God really care about my life? That’s a big question. To

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Mary’s Song


When Jesus' original disciples first encountered Him, in their minds they each had different versions Who Jesus was. For a period, they followed a "lesser than" Jesus. In time, they grasped the reality of Who Jesus really was and what He had come to accomplish. Jesus was God Himself, born into the world, and

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What is God Like?


It is an intellectual stretch to conclude that life, that creation, just came into existence without the hand of a Creator behind it. So if there is a God, a Creator of all life, what is God like? Some have concluded that God is a rule maker, and when you don't follow the rules, He

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