Made for Relationships

We’ve learned a lot this past year. In our isolation, we have come to understand just how much our lives intersect with others. We understand that our need for human connection cannot be satisfied with technology or distance.

God intended our human experience to include others. We were made for relationships. Join us for a new series about getting back to community and building meaningful relationships.


Connect: Made for Relationships is a 5-part message series:

April 11 | Created: Our Need for Relationships

April 18 | Community: Diversity Embraced

April 25 | Boundaries: Shared Values Needed

May 2 | Trust: Confidence Developed

May 9 | Foundation: Rock-Solid Friendship



Every Wednesday we will release a new podcast episode that dives deeper into Sunday’s message. Through conversation, questions and answers, you can discover how to apply God’s truth in your existing, new or even difficult relationships.

Reading Plan

Go deeper by participating in a Bible Reading Plan on the topic of relationships! Download The Bible App (YouVersion), and search for one of these Bible Reading Plans.

Discover how to thrive in relationships and our calling as we explore the foundational questions of what it means to be human, who we belong to, and what happens when our relationships fall apart. This is a 31-day reading plan.

This study will explore what makes us relatable to others, how God can bring peace in the midst of conflict, and how we can help restore relationships that seem broken beyond repair. This is a 7-day reading plan.


Get connected to community!

Hope Groups

A community you can lean on during times of stress or difficulty is important. At New Hope, our Hope Groups are relationship-based communities that offer focused Bible study and on-going support as you face life together. Get Connected

New Hope Moms Group

Feel like you’re losing it as a mom? You’re not alone! Join our New Hope Moms Facebook Group for enouragement, family ideas and to start new friendships with other moms. Join Now

The Art of Neighboring

What if the Bible meant love your actual neighbors? Find practical tools to start meaningful relationships with your neighbors. Learn More

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