Real Life

We get that real life is busy, messy and sometimes hard to manage. As a church, we want to partner with individuals and families to help provide support, encouragement and hope at the time it’s needed — when your time allows. Browse these Real Life topics to find an area that you may be grappling with. Find ideas on ways to be intentional, family activities, conversation ideas, and ways to connect to support you may want.

Real Life Topics


Faith Discussion Cards

Faith Discussion Cards are activity ideas that spark questions and meaningful faith conversations in your home. Each card guides spouses and parents on how to begin and end conversations. Find cards for kids, teens, marriage and holidays.

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Pointers are simple guides that provide direction and encouragement for a specific life season or special circumstance.

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Faith Path

Faith Path helps parents guide their child’s spiritual journey, one step at a time. Families can download birthday kits that suggest a focus of specific practices and milestones at certain ages. You can also pick up a copy of these kits at our Hope@home Center.

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A Simple Process

We encourage families to follow three steps every 120 days:

Step 1

Assess your level of intentionality over the past 120 days

Download an Appraisal

Step 2

Identify your specific family seasons

Step 3

Create a faith@home plan for the next 120 days

Download a 120 Day Plan
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