Navigating the Hard Things

Life is good and peaceful. Until it isn’t. Sometimes we see the storm clouds coming, and have time to prepare. Other times we are blindsided by the downpour and destruction. Challenges will always interrupt life. Is there a way to navigate through them instead of being drifted around by circumstances?

We invite you to join us for a new series about how to navigate the hard things. Come experience community, hope and tools to get you through the difficulties of life.


Navigating Life is a 5-part message series:

April 24 | When Facing Temptation

May 1 | When Facing Misunderstanding

May 8 | When Facing Anxiety

May 15 | When Facing Doubt

May 29 | When Facing Confrontation



Every Wednesday we will release a new podcast episode that dives deeper into Sunday’s message. Through conversation, questions and answers, you can discover how to apply God’s truth as you navigate challenges that life brings.

Reading Plan

Go deeper by participating in a Bible Reading Plan on the topic of navigating difficult things! Download The Bible App (YouVersion), and search for one of these Bible Reading Plans.

We all suffer from problems and difficult times at some point. Jesus also lived them. Let’s learn what He did to face them and be victorious. This is a 7-day reading plan.

In a season where if feels like everything around you is changing? Be encouraged! Through this study you will find that God is in control and can use a testing season to refine you and grow character and hope. This is a 5-day reading plan.

Temptation comes in many forms. And it is easy to excuse our decisions and justify ourselves. Overcoming temptation is possible! This is a 7-day reading plan.


It’s hard to navigate through hard things without community! Here are a few ways you can get connected at New Hope.

Hope Groups

A community you can lean on during times of stress or difficulty is important. At New Hope, our Hope Groups are relationship-based communities that offer focused Bible study and on-going support as you face life together. Get Connected

Grill & Chill

Guys, join us as we grill, chill and refill! This is a time to relax and hang out, enjoy hearty food, and be strengthened by friends, worship and a word of encouragement from a guest speaker. This night of dinner and hangs is for all the men in our community — invite the dudes you know! Upcoming Grill & Chill

New Hope Moms Group

Feel like you’re losing it as a mom? You’re not alone! Join our New Hope Moms Facebook Group for encouragement, family ideas and to start new friendships with other moms. Join Now

Care Ministry

Maybe you’re in a place where you feel alone and hurting. We have a community of care partners who want to walk with and encourage you during your difficult time. Read More

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