Next Step Class: Adults

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Next Steps is the perfect place to get an inside look at New Hope and the ministries we offer. You will meet the ministerial staff, see who we are and what we believe, get answers to questions, and find out how to get involved in the ministries of New Hope. Occasionally this class will be a luncheon and combine adults and students.

Next Steps: Students

After students come to faith in Christ, many wonder “what now?” Next Steps will walk students through the next steps in their faith journey. They will learn about God’s purpose and plan for church in a believer’s life, the ways New Hope fulfills that purpose. They will also see how to DISCOVER Christ, DEVELOP in Christ and DEPLOY for Christ in the Student Ministry, as well as what the discipleship goals are for middle school, high school and senior students. Occassionally this class will be a luncheon and combine adults and students.

WASHED: Baptism Celebration

Of all God’s creation, nothing is more incredible than a life transformed by Jesus. WASHED is a celebration of life transformation, a new inner reality that God has created new life in a person. Baptism is a testimony of this change — declaring to the world I have traded my old self for new and eternal love, grace and life in Jesus!

Are You Ready?

If you have put your trust and faith in Jesus, and are ready to publicly share this new change, then we celebrate with you and invite you to participate in WASHED! Sign up below and a pastor will contact you to follow up and confirm your baptism celebration date. On the day of your celebration, you will have a brief baptism class thirty minutes prior to the service time you selected (9:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.).

Let the Celebration begin as we give glory to God for new life in Jesus!

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Scripture teaches us that once we receive Jesus as our Savior and the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us, He also gifts us with unique endowments for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of the church. These gifts are different from natural talents; they are not gifts we are born with or have developed. They are supernatural gifts given at the moment of our salvation.

If you are a follower of Christ, have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are? Each believer has at least one gift to be used to benefit other believers and to reach unbelievers. We encourage you to download and complete this Spiritual Gifts Inventory to better understand what your gifts are and begin to pray for direction on how to use them.

Teaching for Life Change

Do you have a passion to teach others about Jesus? Get started with Teaching for Life Change! These training videos help you discover ways to teach in a way that impacts life and inspires action in your class.

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