Hope Group is small group Bible study that allows students to learn what God’s word says about very specific life situations that most teens experience. Classes are separated by grade and gender to best nurture discussions specific to students.

Middle School Hope Groups, 9:30 A.M.

6th Girls Hope Group || FLC 210
7th/8th Girls Hope Group || FLC 207
6th/7th/8th Guys Hope Group || FLC 209

High School Hope Group, 11:00 A.M.

9th/10th Guys Hope Group || FLC 207
9th/10th Girls Hope Group || FLC 210
11th/12th Coed Hope Group || FLC 209


First Wednesdays, 6:15 P.M.

This is a gathering of 6th-12th grade students on the first Wednesday of each month, and is similar but different from New Hope Students Midweek. This specific gathering is meant to be more relaxed, making it easier for our students to invite their unchurched friends to experience the community they love. At First Wednesdays, students will have the opportunity to meet their leaders, experience worship and teaching, and most importantly – experience something a little outrageous and fun.

New Hope Students Midweek, 6:15 P.M.

Student-led, high-energy worship and Bible study that confronts real-life questions and situations. Prepare to be challenged to live your life and make decisions that are obedient to God’s word. Meets in Family Life Center (FLC). Come early for pizza and chill time before we start.


Disciple Now (D-Now) Weekend

This overnight retreat allows students to break for the weekend to experience deeper Bible study, worship, a guest speaker, special activities, and home group leaders who know how to teach and have fun at the same time.


Students learn about the relevance of God’s word in their lives, and strengthen community with each other through many activities at camp.

Student Takeover Sunday

Once a year our students take over Sunday morning, leading in all areas of our worship service – choir and band, directing media in sound and video, to acting in drama skits, and serving as ushers and greeters. Rehearsals for Student Takeover Sunday begin 5 weeks prior to event date. Any student 6th-12th grade can participate.


Students respond to the call to “go and make disciples” by using the unique gifts God has blessed them with in both the local community and global missions. The Student Ministry sets aside training time so that students are fully equipped to love, serve and share Jesus.

Serve Our City
Students plug into opportunities to serve our city through various local mission projects. Hope Groups will decide individually two local missions to participate in. Students experience how loving and serving like Jesus impacts the human spirit, and draws people to that love.

Mission Trips
Students use their unique gifting in the areas of teaching, music, drama, sports and conversation to serve people outside our city!

Student Leaders

The Student Ministry believes students have the ability to lead out in their ministry and their world. For more information on student leader opportunities, contact

18.22 College Hope Group, Sundays, 11:00 A.M.

Transitioning from teen to adult during the college-age years is exciting — new experiences, new independence! Walk with others on the journey!  Learn More »

New Hope First Baptist Church
New Hope First Baptist Church